Visual Training System

What is Smarto VTS – Visual Training System?

Smarto VTS is a Process that starts with the counseling of a Student, and continues till the student is placed and promoted. Its “A process that leads to Success“. Click here to check   Complete  VTS  (40+ topics)  + Smarto Panel+ Wonder Spoken English System  pricing @ 1/ per day* 

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Smarto VTS (Visual Training System) is a benchmark in the segment of Visual Classes in India. We have gained the status as leaders in this segment. As everyone knows that Visualization is the best methodology to teach and learn anything in the universe. What we visualize is more effective than we read and listen. That’s why the whole world is moving towards the Visual Methodology for teaching and learning.

These days most of the schools and colleges are now equipped with Projectors and LCDs in order to visualize the concepts of Science & Mathematics and teach theme easily. Then why should we lag behind in teaching Computers afnd English. Computers and English are the most important disciplines to make a student Smart and thus the SmartO Systems came into existence. 

Click here to check  Complete  VTS  (40+ topics)  + Smarto Panel+ Wonder Spoken English System  pricing @ 1/ per day* 


What is Smarto’s Teaching Methodology?

Smarto Systems offer Visual Trainings via prebuild Video Lectures in Hindi. We emphasize more on quality teaching in depth. Most of the topics are explained in full depth, i.e. we have tried that nothing should be left while teaching a course. We teach every tab and every option in every computer software.

Classes are conducted on Projectors/LCDs/or Individual PCs using Headphones. Every Subject and every topic is recorded with Hindi Explanations and required Animations to make the things clear and understandable.

Click here to check   Complete  VTS  (40+ topics)  + Smarto Panel+ Wonder Spoken English System  pricing @ 1/ per day* 

How To Use VTS System

It is very easy to implement our VTS systems in your institute, to teach we follow these steps 

1. Teacher starts explaining the video 

2. Student revises each and everything with headphone 

3. Center provides apps and software for home base learning

4. Now student can revise at home.

5. So No need to read books, create notes and no theory.

6.Just learning with fun and videos with 100% practical.

There are 7 Categories in our VTS system. You can get any category at 1/- per day plan for 365/- for one year.

VTS ( Visual Training System) Benefits

Get best  and quality teaching from your teachers.

Get free training for teachers , teacher can save almost 70% time using Vts

Even average teachers can perform excellent using VTS

Start teaching with Apps+ Software. Say No to written notes, theory

You can activate deactivate Student’s app software using your phone

No worries of Internet, Everything App or Software plays offline

Life time free updation for taken courses and content.

100% Practical, No Theory, Learning with fun is here at your organisation 

Very Low Joining Fees: 1 Rs per day for institutions

Sell Smarto’s E-Learning Content & earn extra

Marketing Counseling files to convert enquiries  into admissions

Time to time trainings for trainers and owners to make institution better.

Teach any course in the absence/ switching / changing  of trainer

No check on tuition fees, set any course fees in panel

Video Content Licence in Re1 per day per PC

Visual  Adds (whatsapp + FB) For your Center/ Institute Marketing

Smarto education also follows Industry standards and requirements.

Increase your brand value by joining Smarto Group
FREE SMS of Fees, Notices, Admission to students.
Don’t need to take care of promotions and branding, we take care of it.

Student can learn anytime at centre or at home using Smarto Apps and Smarto Softwares

Ready made video courses, no worry of content , student can play, pause, repeat when wants to learn and revise 

All Courses in Easy language(Hindi+ English)

If you have Website / Mobile app, you will get automated enquiry process

Approved and Valid Certification

Get new students enquiries from our sales network

Free Advertisement Templates ( Banners/ Flex/Poster)

Smarto panel

What is Smarto Panel

It is online portal of Smarto Systems and you can

1. Give admission to students

2. Can  manage student record online ( fees /address/ other info). They get sms for that also.

3. Can take examination online and provide certification online, anybody can easily verify that.

4. Provide 1/- per day education to student , in which he get admission, examination, certification , verification, smarto apps ,smarto software and free membership for lifetime panel account.

5. Panel has a wallet system , so when u give admission to student it will show you amount at there. 

  Click here to check   Complete  VTS  (40+ topics)  + Smarto Panel+ Wonder Spoken English System  pricing @ 1/ per day* 

See Smarto Panel Overview

Complete Smarto Panel Training

All Products Overview

You can enroll students at 1/- per day plan at Smarto Panel ( eg. 90/- for three months for basic certification)

student will get adm/exam/certificate/verification/app/software/video lecs 


Online Center /Institute /School / College Management Panel

Get Online Admission With Sms And Course Based Service

Instant Online Verification of Certificate

Valid and authorized services At  price 1/- Per day with your logo, your brand, your name & your submitted student data with No 1 Smarto Brand Authorization and Validation

Admission/ Examination/ Certification/Verification , Everything is at your end. Student id creation , student info setup , course setup at your end

Student Fees Record, Reminders, SMS Fee Receipts, Admission cards, Id Cards , Results, Exam Records

Exam results even with every question and answered ( Right +Wrong ) will be there in panel and emailed 

Complete panel training manuals and videos with step by step process and backend staff to help in panel usage

Provide you Online Student Enquiry System very soon

Be a part of India’s Largest Institutional Network

24*7 Backend and Technical Support

Wallet Recharge is there to show your Wallet Money and balance information and Wallet recharge offers provide you even more less cost than 1/- per day.  click to check current offers here 

Can easily manage students and their apps /software enable disable options to control authorization 

can manage basic fees accounts at your own for your own center like when and how much is due on students

Wonder English

See the Wonder English Overview

How to Practice in Wonder English

All Products Overview

If you know English, you are respected everywhere. It can change your lifestyle.


It helps in Improving Accent, Practice English, Improve Spellings, Learn Vocabulary & Speak English.

Click here to check   Complete  VTS  (40+ topics)  + Smarto Panel+ Wonder Spoken English System  pricing @ 1/ per day* 

कहीं आप पिछड़ तो नहीं रहे

या कहीं आपको अनदेखा तो नहीं किया जा रहा

इंग्लिश ना आने या बोल पाने में झिझक होने के कारण आपकी क़ाबलियत को नज़रअंदाज़ किया जा सकता है। 

इंग्लिश में आत्मविश्वास ना होने के कारण आप अपने पढ़े लिखे दोस्तों से कटा हुआ भी महसूस करते हैं।

आपको जरुरत है वंडर इंग्लिश इंटरैक्टिव इंग्लिश लर्निंग सॉफ्टवेयर की।

यह इंग्लिश पढ़ने के साथ साथ बोलने और सीखने का कृत्रिम माहौल भी बनाता है।

Practice is the key to success


It is provided for FREE with WONDER ENGLISH.

This workbook helps you in learning & practicing grammar & functional english.

Wonder english is in Demo process , it is in Trial Offer , you will get updation free for one year

Click here to check   Complete  VTS  (40+ topics)  + Smarto Panel+ Wonder Spoken English System  pricing @ 1/ per day*