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Tally ERP 9

It Includes All Essential Basics And Advance Features Of Accounts Which Helps In Maintaining Accounts With Practical Knowledge.

  1. Basic Accounts Incudes Double Entry System, Journal Entries, Ledgers, Trail Balance, Final Accounts
  2. How To Create Company In Tally 9 Erp
  3. How To Create Ledgers Including Sales Ledger, Direct And Indirect Income Ledger, Indirect Expenses Ledger, Assets Ledger, Purchase Ledgers, Direct Expenses Ledger
  4. How To Enter Purchase, Cash Purchase, Credit Purchase, Purchase Entry With Stock Purchase Return Entry, Purchase Return With Discount
  5. How To Enter Sales, Sales With Stock, Sales Return, Sales Return With Discount, Sales Return
  6. How to Enter Direct Expense, Expense Transaction, Journal Transaction, Payment Transaction, Contra Transaction, Receipt Transaction, Assets Transaction, Withdrawal Transaction, and Drawing Withdrawal Transaction.
  7. How To Enter Stock In Detail Including Godowns Transactions, Displaying Stock Summary, Entries For Transfer Of Material, Price List , Bills Of Material
  8. How To Create Purchase Order And Sales Order, Delivery Note, Rejection In, Sales Invoice, Physical Stock, No Value Entries.
  9. How To Enter Taxation Including Basics Of Vat, Cst, St And Service Tax And Other Entries
  10. Practical Examples of Vat with How to Adjust the Amount and Entries.
  11. Advance Topics Including Adjustment Methods, Rd And Urd Dealers Information, Budgets And Scenarios And Their Adjustments, Other Advance Inventory And Accounting Features.
  12. Actual And Invoiced Quantities Difference Calculations
  13. Practical Example of Different Price Levels and Creating Their Listing.


1.GST In India.mp4

2.GST implementation in India.mp4

3.How to register your buisness under GST..mp4

4.GST Input Tax Credit.mp4

5.GST Tax calculation and difference with VAT and other taxes.mp4

6.GST tax example.mp4

7.GST with benfits.mp4

8.Journal Entries And Ledgers Required For GST.mp4

9.Ledger Creation For Capital  Creditors & Debtors For Gst.mp4

10.Ledger Creation For Purchase -Sales- GST & Stocks.mp4

11.Complete Sales Purchase Entries For Gst Example In Tally 9 Erp.mp4

12.Tax Calculation And Tax Payments In Gst Using Common Ledgers.mp4

13.Journal Entries And Ledgers Required With Separate Tax Ledgers.mp4

14.Ledger Creation For Captial -Creditors-Debtors  .mp4

15.Ledger Creation For Purchase Entries Sales And Stock In GST With Separate Tax Ledger.mp4

16.Complete Purchase Entries  With Separate Tax Ledgers In GST – Copy.mp4

17.Complete Sales Entries  With Separate Tax Ledgers In GST.mp4

18.Tax Calculation And Tax Payments Using Separate Tax Ledgers In GST.mp4

19.What Is Reverse Charge Mechanism.mp4

20.Required Accounts Entries For Reverse Charge Mechanism.mp4

21.Ledger Creation For Reverse Charge Entries in GST In Tally.mp4

22.Complete Entries For Purchases Under Reverse Charge In GST.mp4

23.All Adjustment Entries For Reverse Charge In GST.mp4

24.Services Entries Example In Tally 9 ERP In GST.camproj.mp4

25.Required Ledgers For Tally Entries For Services In Accounts.mp4

26.Complete Service Entries In Tally 9 Erp In GST.mp4

27.Sales And Purchase Returns In GST In Tally 9 Erp.mp4

28.Debit And Credit Notes For Purchase And Sales Return In GST In Tally.mp4

29.Ledgers Required  For Sales And Purchase Returns In GST.mp4

30.Ledgers Creation  For Sales And Purchase Returns In GST In Tally 9 Erp.mp4

31.Complete Sales And Purchase Return Entries In GST In Tally 9 Erp.mp4

32.Discounts And Types Of Discounts In Accounts.mp4

33.Difference Between Trade Discount And Cash Discount.mp4

34.Ledgers And Vouchers Entries For Trade Discount Entries In Tally 9 Erp.mp4

35.Ledgers Required For Cash Discount Entries In GST In Tally 9 Erp.mp4

36.Cash Discount Entries In GST In Tally 9 Erp.mp4

37.Imported Purchase In GST In Tally 9 Erp.mp4

38.Imported Services In GST In Tally 9 Erp.mp4

39.Nil Rated Purchases In GST In Tally 9 Erp.mp4

40.Non GST Purchases In GST In Tally 9 Erp.mp4

41.Exempted Purchases In GST In Tally 9 Erp.mp4

42.Nil Rated And Exempted Purchases from Unregistered Dealer In GST.mp4

43.Purchase Entries From Composition Dealer.mp4

44.Intrastate And  Interstate  Sale To Consumer or Customer.mp4

45.Interstate Sale To Consumer Or Customer More Than 2,50,000.mp4

46.GSTR Returns Process Information Under GST.mp4

47.GSTR Returns Details Under GST.mp4

48.GSTR Returns Differences  Details Under GST.mp4

49.How To file GSTR Returns.mp4

50.GSTR Returns Example Without Rectification-How GST Network work.mp4

51.GSTR Returns Example With Rectification-How GST Network work.mp4

52.What Is GSTR 3B Return.mp4

53.Some Important Terms For Gstr Returns (GSTR-1).mp4

54.GST Invoice Print Setup For Invoice Printing.mp4

55.What is UTGST (Union Territory GST).mp4

56.HSN and SAC Code In GST.mp4

57.Downloading And Installing GST Offline Tool.mp4

58.Understanding Offline Tool And Given Items Under it.mp4

59.Prepare  GSTR -1 Using Offline Tool In Different Ways(Manual Entries).mp4

60.Prepare  GSTR -1 Using Offline Tool In Different Ways(Importing Data).mp4

61.How To File GSTR -1 Online And Submitting -1.mp4

62.How To Prepare GSTR -1 Using Tally 9 Erp.mp4

63.How To Prepare GSTR-3B For GST Returns.mp4